February 16, 2020

1. We thank John Crea for greeting us this morning. Barbara Bridge will greet you next Sunday.
2. The Pearl Stewart Memorial Mission asks you to donate paper towels for the Washington Township-Fayette City Food Pantry.
3. February birthdays: 19-Susan Grados, 22-Nathean Anielewski, Sr, 25-Jackie Gazdik, and 27-Dave Davison.
4. Wednesday, February 19th: Men’s Group at 6:00 pm.
5. Ash Wednesday, February 26th: Worship service at 6:30 pm.
6. The Vision & Planning Team sends cards to those on the prayer list. Please aid the Team by providing addresses using the 3×5 cards in the pews and depositing them in the offering plates.
7. Prayer needs? Call, text, or e-mail Debra Matthias at or 724-797-7037. Names will be added to the Prayer Chain.

PASTORAL SERVICES: If you or your family are in need of pastoral service or would like to talk to Pastor Bob, he can be reached by calling 724-929-6327.

Why do mission?
In Matthew 25:31-46 we learn that the righteous in feeding the hungry, giving a drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, taking care of the sick, and visiting the prisoner were serving Christ without realizing it. Mission should be this natural and easy. But we know it is not always this way, which is why Jesus tells us this story —- to teach us how to become the church our heavenly Father wants us to be. Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to work for justice for all God’s people. Through mission we demonstrate our faith. We are called to act boldly and with compassion.


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