May 20, 2018

1. We thank Nancy Horrell for greeting us this morning. Karl Clement will greet you next Sunday.
2. The Pearl Stewart Memorial Mission asks you to donate 3-pk body soap. Eighty is our goal. These gifts are for families helped by the Washington Township-Fayette City Food Pantry.
3. Offerings received May 13th: Loose-$166.00, Envelopes-$383.00, Hunger Fund-$32.00, NA Group donation-$20.00, Aluminum cans rebate-$57.00, and Ministry/Mission Fund donation-$5.00.
4. Today, Pentecost Sunday: the Pentecost special offering will be received, and the Sacrament of Our Lord’s Supper will be celebrated.
5. Sunday, June 3rd: an ice cream social will follow morning worship.
6. May birthdays: 20-Macrory Povlish; and 21-Logan Mull.
7. Children’s Church will resume September 2, 2018.
8. Prayer needs? Call, text, or e-mail Debra Matthias at or 724-797-7037. Names will be added to the Prayer Chain.
9. Save your aluminum cans (put your bags of cans in the kitchen) and donate your used clothing and/or other fabrics and rags (in the blue boxes outside) for our mission activities.


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